Location Krefeld

Cargill in Krefeld produces starch and sugar−starch−coated products manufactured from the raw material maize. These products are designed for various implementations in the food industry, the feedstuff industry, the paper and corrugated paper industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as the technical industry.

The production plant with a staff of around 605 employees on the Rhine in Linn has been operating for over 50 years and processes maize. It is one of the leading enterprises within Germany and Europe with state−of−the−art technology that has an autonomous energy supply.

Location history

  • 1946 Start up of the starch(Maizena)− and Dextrose(Dextropur)− production in Krefeld−Uerdingen
  • 1949 Begin of corn milling to starch in Krefeld−Uerdingen
  • 1954 Inauguration and start up of maize−starch manufacturing plant under the name of Maizena in Krefeld−Linn
  • 1987 Takeover of Maizena by Ferruzzi Group − Change of company name to Cerestar
  • 1992 Incorporation of Cerestar by Eridania−Béghin−Say
  • 2002 Cargill acquires Cerestar Group by Cargill Incorporated, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 2006 Change of legal entity name to Cargill Deutschland GmbH


In Krefeld we produce raw materials for the processing industry as well as final buyers.

Amongst them are:

  • Native and modified maize starches
  • Starches  ⁄  starch mixtures
  • Dextrose − liquid and crystallized (mono−hydrate and anhydride)
  • Sorbitol − liquid and crystallized
  • Glucose − fructose syrup
  • Isomalts − liquid and crystallized
  • Maltitol syrup
  • Co−products for the feedstuff industry
  • Raw maize germ oil
  • Maize gluten

Corporate responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a serious business at the Krefeld location and with its employees as well.

The "Krefeld food bank" is provided donations via the Cargill staff restaurant in the form of ready cooked meals on a daily.


Krefeld employees are deeply involved in educating and further training of children, youth and students. We have an active exchange with schools and the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences and provide internships, accompanying bachelor’s and master’s theses, and scholarships.


The Krefeld employees have formed a volunteer group, the Cares Council Krefeld. Their diverse projects range from playground design via planting of trees in the Krefeld municipal area right down to organising an environment day at a Krefeld elementary school.