Location Hamburg-Wandsbek

The Hamburg plant wich produces cocoa mass was founded in August 1994.

For many years this site had belonged to "Nestlé Deutschland Chocoladen Werk Hamburg".
In October 2004 the site was integrated into the Cargill group. Ever since its affiliation Cargill has invested in several upgrades.
Today 17 employees work at the location.


Cocoa mass is produced through grinding and liquefying cocoa beans.
The following process steps are carried out in the production:

  • Cleaning
  • Breaking
  • Separation of cocoa nibs from the shell
  • Roasting
  • Removal of bacteria
  • Fine grinding

Cocoa mass is the basic product for all chocolate products in the industry and final consumer sector.

Additional information about our cocoa & chocolate portfolio you can get at Cargill´s international cocoa & chocolate homepage.