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About Cargill

Across many different markets and industries, we work every day to help the world thrive.

We work alongside farmers, producers, manufacturers, retailers, governments, and other organizations to fulfill our purpose to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Together, we create efficiencies, develop innovations, and help communities thrive.

Cargill has been active in Germany since 1955. We process here agricultural raw material at 12 locations with 1.700 employees. 

Those locations are in Barby, Berlin (two locations), Frankfurt-Höchst, Hamburg (three locations), Klein Schierstedt, Krefeld, Malchin, Riesa, and Salzgitter.

Products & Services

Cargill is active in the following areas in Germany.


Grain and oilseeds

Biodiesel, Glycerin

Cocoa and chocolate


Oils and fats

Risk management

Starch and sweeteners

Texturing agents

Animal nutrition

History of Cargill in Germany

1955.  Founding of the German "Tradax" (trade office)

1982.  German Tradax renamed to "Deutsche Cargill"

1992.  Laying of the foundation stone in Salzgitter

1993.  Start-up of the oil mill and malthouse in Salzgitter

1998.  German Cargill takes over the Schmidt Söhne oil mills in the Riesa oil works and the Hobum cooking fat refinery of Vandemoortele

2002.  Acquisition of Cerestar – a leading provider of starch and starch derivatives. This procurement includes the German starch plants in Krefeld und Barby

2004.  Purchase of the most important cocoa-producing factory of the Nestlé group in Hamburg

2005.  Procurement of the global pectin business, Citrico – an international producer and supplier of pectin products for the food, drink, and pharmaceutical industry

2005.  Acquisition of the Schierstedter Schokoladefabrik GmbH & Co – Factory for industrially produced chocolate in Klein Schierstedt

2006.  Purchase of the food ingredient business, Degussa, including the German locations

2006.  Setting-up of a biodiesel plant in the Industriepark Höchst, Frankfurt am Main

2009.  Cargill begins production at the new glycerin refinery in Frankfurt am Main

2011.  Cargill procures the commercial activities of Nedalco Alcohol in Heilbronn.

2011.  Cargill acquires Kakao Verarbeitung Berlin (KVB) with 2 locations in Berlin

2016.  Opening of the new ethanol plant in Barby, near our wheat starch factory

2020. ​ Start of the conversion of the corn to wheat processing factory - $ 200 million investment in the Krefeld plant​

2022.  ​Cargill acquires the majority of Croda’s Performance Technologies and Industrial Chemicals business ​

2023.  Inauguration of the new Wheatstarch plant in Krefeld

At A Glance

Cargill at a Glance

Quick introduction to Cargill with financial summary.

Company Overview

Company Overview

Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Cargill invests in local communities through economic development, partnerships and giving combined with the volunteer efforts of our employees.

Corporate Annual Report

Shared Annual Report Preview

Our Corporate Annual Report combines our financial and corporate responsibility performance in a manner that reflects our intersecting focus on purpose and profitability. (English)




Explore more than 150 years of Cargill history in this interactive timeline.