Animal Nutrition

Cargill is a leading nutrition supplier for animals across 37 countries, with an innovative portfolio to nourish animals around the world. In November 2011 Cargill completed the acquisition of Provimi, one of the leaders in the international animal feed industry. By building on the existing strengths of the two companies, we are creating a global leader with the ability to offer the broadest array of animal nutrition products, services and capabilities.

Cargill delivers innovative, practical and result-oriented animal feeds and feeding programmes to modern producers. We develop and produce premixes, concentrates and specialty feeds such as milk replacers, piglet feeds and special additives.

With Cargill's global expertise in supply chain and risk management we are able to offer distinctive value to serve our customers’ needs worldwide.

Our offering is developed for our customers’ needs should they be distribution, efficient animal production or low-cost feed manufacturing. Through market leading brands, our on-trend products support the care, growth, and efficiency for various animal species including livestock.

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