Sweetness is universally associated with pleasure and enjoyment. Foundation sweeteners such as glucose syrups, glucose-fructose syrups and dextrose are still in high demand and valued in a wide range of products.

Our sweetness offering enables you to replace traditional sucrose in food and beverage applications, whilst providing nutritional and health benefits. Our sweeteners are used in bakery, beverages, confectionery, culinary, dairy and fruit & vegetable based applications.

Offering the wider sweetness options

Truvia logoAt Cargill, we offer the broadest range of food energy options on the market. Our expertise and offering encompass everything from foundation sweeteners to polyols and high intensity sweeteners from stevia leaf extract such as Truvía® and ViaTech.

Optimizing and developing

Cargill’s expanded sweetness portfolio is backed by the company’s application centres offering
extensive application know-how and pilot production facilities, helping you create new concepts and tailor existing formulations. Whether your challenge is a new or reformulated product, Cargill brings unmatched technical support and expertise to a partnership focused on your success.

Operating responsibly

Sustainability matters to us so we pay great attention to delivering sustainable solutions in the products we supply. We use responsible processes to manufacture our extensive range of products, which will support your sustainable processes and environmental management practices.

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