Industrial Starches

Our deep involvement in the industry, relying on more than 50 years of experience, has created a solid foundation of understanding and know-how of the paper making, corrugating, and bioindustrial business. At Cargill we offer you an optimized product portfolio while delivering on industry expectations of quality, supply chain and technical support. Through collaboration and innovation we can help your business thrive.

Leveraging our leading experience in coating starches

Cargill has developed an extensive product portfolio of coating solutions and we work continuously to improve the performance of our coating starches. As the market leader in the application of high performing coating starches, we will continue to optimize coating colour solids whilst replacing the maximum amount possible of synthetic binders. Read more about C*iCoat coating biopolymer and C*Film coating starch on our global website.

Achieving higher efficiency in wet-end applications

Our skilled application specialists and sales team are ready to perform wet-end audits and find out – together with you – which is the most suitable starch for your process. From our extensive portfolio, no doubt we can find the perfect starch to suit your system!

Providing solutions to the corrugating industry

Since starch was first used as an adhesive, Cargill has been providing innovative solutions to the corrugated board industry to help meet market demands. Our skilled specialists are ready to assist you in choosing the most effective adhesives and glue preparation technology to achieve a superior paper bonding and corrugated board quality.

Operating responsibly

Sustainability matters to us so we pay great attention to delivering sustainable solutions in the products we supply. We use responsible processes to manufacture our extensive range of products, which will support your sustainable processes and environmental management practices.

Explore Cargill’s industrial offering on our global website.