There is a clear need today in the market for highly concentrated vegetable protein with characteristics that match the demand in various applications. Today it’s more important than ever to receive consistently first-class products and services from your supplier.

Cargill supplies GluVital vital wheat gluten, ProwLiz® Hydrolyzed wheat proteins and soy proteins and is a leader in both full-fat and defatted soy protein products. Cargill proteins offer more than the economic advantages that vegetable proteins have over animal protein.

Our proteins are used in beverages, bakery, dairy and meat applications. In the UK, proteins are sold by our sales team based in Manchester.

GluVital vital wheat gluten

GluVital vital wheat gluten (protein derived from wheat flour) is one of our Cargill’s main ingredients that provides consistency in flour, improved dough machinability and extended shelf life for finished products. It is most commonly used in pastas and bread, but also in snacks & cereals.

ProwLizHydrolyzed wheat proteins

ProwLiz Hydrolyzed wheat protein is produced with a consistent quality that meets high food quality standards. ProwLizHydrolyzed wheat protein results in a very attractive solution in a large panel of food applications.

Soy proteins

Our soy proteins provide flexibility and functionalities such as fat/water binding, emulsification, texture/structure improvement, viscosity building and shelf life extension.

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