Risk management

Since 1994, Cargill Risk Management has helped businesses identify their price risk management issues and created tailored risk management products that will mitigate price exposures and protect operating margins.

Landea Farm Market Solutions

In 2010, Cargill took the innovative step of creating a new range of services dedicated to managing market risks and tailored to farmers’ needs: Landea®.

By combining its expertise in managing price risks with a strong determination to identify the needs of the agricultural communities, Cargill aims to help farmers and collectors manage their price risks in the increasingly volatile market environment:
Landea® Farm Market Solutions acts in an engaged and service oriented way to respond to customers’ risk management needs in Europe.

Risk management products

Cargill Risk Management strives to fully meet the risk management needs of its customers and has assembled three teams that focus on a specific customer segment:

  • Hedging Solutions tailors products to meet the needs of commercial institutions.
  • Investor Products provides private investors, large hedge and pension funds market expertise and investment alternatives.
  • Producer Solutions focuses on providing farmers and livestock producers with unique hedging and marketing alternatives.

Additional by separate department "Cargill financial Services" offers tailor−made financing solutions to our customers and vendors.