Oils & fats

Apart from two refineries in Salzgitter and Riesa, Cargill owns an additional vegetable oil refinery in Hamburg, which manufactures fats and oils primarily for the food market. 

We have already undertaken major investments at these locations to not merely increase the refineries capacity and efficiency but also further develop our production portfolio of high quality products.

The investments will expand Cargill´s ability to provide products with increased functionality, such as low trans−fatty acid and saturated fat content.
We will be the first to use large−scale state of−the−art enzyme technology on a broad basis.

A further investment in Hamburg is the building of a new jetty. This enables us to reduce costs for raw materials and gives more flexibility in unloading vessels, this has positive impacts on our customers.

Cargill´s investment projects will allow us to meet with the increasing demands of our customers by continually improving the manufacturing processes of our basic products and by expanding our range of high quality oils and fats.

Bottled oils

Cargill´s bottled oil business packages many different kinds of liquid oils and blends. Our bottled oils facility is based in Riesa. Our customers include consumers of branded oils, retailers who re−brand the oils under their own label, food manufacturers −for example for dressings, sauces and processed foods − and the food service sector.

For further information, please contact our plants in Hamburg−Harburg resp. Riesa or visit our international website.