Production has recently commenced at our own biosiesel plant in the Höchst industrial park, at Frankfurt−am−Main, Germany. The company has invested around € 33 million in the plant.

The biodiesel is produced from crude vegetable oil − predominantly rapeseed oil − that is refined before entering an esterification process together with methanol and a catalyst. The biodiesel is then cleaned and the co−product − glycerine − is separated and concentrated.
Ship, rail or road tanker can then transport the finished biodiesel.
Our collaboration with our customers guarantees a continuous value-added chain from the seed collection to the final product.

The Frankfurt−am−Main region is ideally suited for the production and supply of biodiesel − both in terms of its geographical location and in the availability of raw materials such as rapeseed oil and other vegetable oils, which can be supplied via the Rhine. The new plant demonstrates Cargill´s commitment to biodiesel production.

As a key supplier of refined oil to the food industry, the company has ensured its existing operations in Germany have the capabilities to secure the supply of raw materials for both food customers and biodiesel production!