Cocoa and chocolate

We have a number of cocoa and chocolate operations in Germany.

In 2004, Cargill acquired a cocoa processing facility in Hamburg from the Nestlé Group, allowing customers in central and eastern Europe to benefit from closer proximity to their cocoa supplier and a consistent, high quality cocoa product.

Cargill has great experience in operating primary cocoa facilities.
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We have supply chain expertise and both cocoa bean origination and processing provisions in the worlds main cocoa producing country, Cote d´Ivoire.
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On the chocolate side in 2005 Cargill acquired an industrial chocolate facility in the town of Aschersleben:
The Schierstedter Schokoladefabrik GmbH & Co. KG.

The plants product range complemented Cargill´s own portfolio and also provided the company with a much wider range of solid chocolate products. Whilst this chocolate facility is our first in Germany, we have been producing industrial and gourmet chocolate elsewhere in Europe and the USA for several years.

Additional information about our cocoa & chocolate portfolio you can get at Cargill´s international cocoa & chocolate homepage.