Personal Care

Providing superior quality nature-derived ethanol for all your personal care and cosmetics applications

Our superior quality nature-derived ethanol is of consistent quality and is extremely neutral; which makes it the perfect carrier for even the most delicate fragrances. These are just some of the reasons why leading perfume and cosmetics brands use Cargill’s pure neutral ethanol in their products. Cargill’s ethanol with analytical and organoleptical stability is also used in a wide range of cosmetic applications including hair and skin care products, deodorants and make-up products.

To meet specific customer needs, Cargill provides various grades of undenatured and denatured ethyl alcohol. Amongst all denaturants Cargill’s offer include products such as  Bitrex, TBA and IPA.

Cargill also offers liquid disinfectants obtained from our high-quality grain ethanol. All of Cargill’s liquid disinfectants provide a broad spectrum of effectiveness against micro-organisms.

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Alcohol is subject to excise duty. National authorities consequently stringently control all shipments of alcohol. The excise rates in the EU vary among the different member states and can amount to as much as 40 times the sales price. It is therefore imperative to adhere to the regulations in the EU member states in which we operate. Our alcohol can be delivered pure, without any additional products. In this case, consignees must have a license from their national authorities to receive ethyl alcohol under suspension of duty. Denatured alcohol can be exempt of duty, provided the national authorities accept the added product as a denaturant. We reiterate that the different EU member states each have their own policy regarding accepting these products. It depends on the national legislation if a specific license is necessary and under which conditions a consignee may receive the alcohol.

For more information please review the general European regulations regarding excise and check with your local excise authorities.