Location Salzgitter

Construction began on 16 December 1992 and this plant was the first Cargill own built production plant in Germany.

Both business plants, the oil mill and malting plant, were inaugurated in 1993 and today provide employment for 117 employees.

The products manufactured here are mainly destined for the domestic market oil and meal for the food industry, the mixed feedstuff and biodiesel industry as well as high quality malt for renowned breweries.

The oil mill is designed to process rape seed plus on−site processing of the oil to the refined product.

Another activity executed Salzgitter is grain trade: Not only do we buy wheat for our Cargill starch plant in Barby but also trade and forward grain for the international and domestic milling business and the mixed feedstuff market.


  • Raw rape seed oil
  • Refined rape seed oil
  • Rape seed meal extraction
  • Malt

Corporate responsibility

In Salzgitter is a bi−annual tradition to volunteer for a social organization near our plant. In the past we have donated a ballgame facility for children to a hospital and bought monkey bars for a kindergarten. However, there is the older generation to be considered, too: We donated a barbecue patio to an old people´s care facility in Salzgitter−Thiede, which is run by the Workers Welfare Association and provides an assisted living home for the aged.

The homes employees and nearly 20 Cargill employees built a large and solid brick barbecue and, of course, ample "test sessions" took place.

In future such projects will be part of our corporate responsibility in the area of Salzgitter.