Location Riesa

Riesa with 101 employees is one of the four German locations which process and refine vegetable oil.

The oil mill grinds rape and sunflower seeds to extract oil which is then refined on−site. The plant possesses a modern bottling facility of oil either to be bottled or bulk contained. In addition, refined vegetable oil is supplied to the margarine− and delicatessen−producing industry.

We like to consider the plant a partner to the local agriculture − as a buyer of raw oil seed for its own production or as a supplier of meal extractions for the feed industry. A further business facet of the plant is oil for the chemical and technical sector.
The Riesa plant is certified by the following standards: ISO, IFS, GMP 13 and QS.

Location history

  • 1904  Founded as OHG Einhorn & Co.
  • 1911  Alteration in Einhorn & Co. GmbH
  • 1918  Alteration in Riesaer Ölwerke (Oilworks) Einhorn & Co.
  • 1951  Publicly owned business and incorporation in the Association publicly owned businesses in the oil and margarine industry Magdeburg
  • 1990  Union of economy and currency, foundation of Riesaer Ölwerke GmbH
  • 1991  Privatisation through sale of plant by Treuhand to the Belgian Company Vandemoortele
  • 1999  Cargill takes over the Riesaer Ölwerke − change of GmbH company form into Riesaer Ölwerke GmbH & Co.KG
  • 2008  New company name: Cargill GmbH


  • Raw rape seed and sunflower seed oil
  • Refined rape seed and sunflower seed oil
  • Rape seed meal and sunflower seed extraction
  • Vegetable oil, bottled in one−litre bottles and other bulk sizes

Corporate responsibility

Especially socially deprived families in the Riesa area are supported together with children and youth efforts in clubs and associations. Besides this, Cargill is engaged in the sport and cultural events of the city of Riesa and also sponsors the local fire brigade.