Location Malchin

The laying of foundation stone ceremony for the pectin plant in Malchin took place at October 2000.

The plant was constructed on 22 October 2001 and production started in January 2002.
With standardized pectin being manufactured of lemon zest this final stage configuration facility is one of the most modern plants in the world. Approximately 115 employees work here, guaranteeing a continuous workflow on a 24 ⁄ 7 basis.

Long−term contracts with the neighboring biomass combined heat and powering station ensure Cargill Malchin is provided with the utility steam.


Location history

  • 2000  Laying of foundation stone ceremony
  • 2001  Final mechanical completion
  • 2002  Plant starts processing
  • 2005  Transition to Cargill
  • 2006-2009  Various optimizations of process
  • 2008  Certification in ISO 9001:2000



Pectin is a thickening and stabilizing agent for the food industry. Pectin can be found in the structure of high plants cells with high pectin content such as citrus fruits, apples and sugar cane.

The best−known example of classic application is in fruit preparations such as jam or marmalade.

Other pectin applications areas are:

  • Fruit juices
  • Yoghurts  ⁄  soy−drinks
  • Non−gelatin and foam products
  • Fillings for soft cakes

Our products are delivered worldwide, at the present we supply about 50 countries in Europe, Africa, Australia, North, Middle and South America and Asia.



All interlinked manufactured rawmaterials are prepared environment-friendly and will be recycled. At this the focus is set to environmental electric power generation on footing with natural rawmaterials.


Cargill get award "Entrepreneur of the Year 2013"

With the price "Entrepreneur of the Year 2013" outstanding examples of corporate ministry awarded in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

This year this award goes to Cargill in Malchin!

The prize was awarded for the sixth time. Overall, this year, 105 proposals have been submitted.
Three categories will be awarded:

  • Entrepreneur of the year
  • Corporate Development
  • Securing skilled labor & Family Friendly

Our prize was awarded for the category "Securing skilled labor & Family Friendly".
We have established ourselves among 25 competitors.


"Who wants long-term commitment professionals must provide relevant offers to stick around and show prospects. Cargill has already made ​​provisions here," recognizes Economy Minister Harry Glawe the company's commitment. He further praised in particular the qualified training and continuing education of Cargill for its 115 employees.


Corporate responsibility

We take our corporate responsibility very seriously, not merely as we are involved in various activities in the region and its municipalities, but far more as we have employees who live here and are part of the communities.

Foodbank of Malchin

Cargill is a food producer, and nourishing people is our ambition. That is why we are especially pleased to support the Malchin food bank.



Besides financial support we do our utmost to help improve the region structurally through quite a number of measures in particular for instance, when looking at the education and perspectives of today’s youth and students. In a fruitful cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences in Stralsund we offer internships and accompany students during their bachelor’s and master’s theses. Students of the Malchin Gymnasium (higher secondary education) are supported with job application training and internships.


Fireworkers youth of Malchin and Szerencs

The Malchin fire brigade are engaged in youth projects. Cargill is pleased to offer support in these activities.

Fireworkers certificate

The “thank you” from the young people from Malchin (Germany) and Szerencs (Hungary) for enabling them to visit the airport fire brigade at the Rostock-Laage Airport. Is another feather in our cap.



Die Kanuten freuen sich

In Malchin the canoe club plays an important role. Many Malchin citizens are enthusiastic paddlers and rowers, and many of our employees are water sports enthusiasts, too. Any wonder that Cargill helps keep things buoyant?