Location Klein Schierstedt

The plant at Klein Schierstedt is part of the cocoa & chocolate business.

Our chocolate division currently consists of five plants in four different countries. These are Rouen in France, Mouscron and Antwerp in Belgium, Deventer in Holland and Worksop in England.
At present the Klein Schierstedt plant has 67 employees and in the sales department in Krefeld 2 employees.

Location history

  • The plant was founded in 1991 and started producing baby food.
  • This was followed by packaging of coffee whitener and cocoa powder, and after the erection of a granulation and packaging and filling installation for lemon and wild fruit tea the production of baby food was discontinued.
  • In April 1995 the construction of a new production hall was started which led to the setting−up of a fully automated range for the production and packaging of nut nougat cream. This was the beginning of the production, filling and packaging of pralines.
  • From 1998 to 2001 several production ranges were commissored with considerable investment and rebuilding to accommodate them for the manufacture and packaging of industrial chocolate.
  • Since June 2005 the plant is part of Cargill and has specialised in the production of industrial chocolate.


Klein Schierstedt produces only industrial chocolate. We make industrial chocolate in the form of:

  • drops
  • tablets
  • strips
  • sheets
  • sticks
  • chips
  • pailetts

suitable for baking and decorating, and also as liquid chocolate.

Additional informationen about our cocoa & chocolate portfolio you can get at Cargill´s international cocoa & chocolate homepage.