Location Hamburg-Rothenburgsort

Cargill´s Texturizing Solutions business in Hamburg manufactures lecithins and phospholipids used as raw materials for emulsifiers and excipients in technical applications, pet food, food, dietetics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic formulations.

There are 141 employees at the Hamburg − Rothenburgsort site.

We work closely and in partnership with our global customers to find mutual solutions for the design and production of customized lecithins. Based on our know−how and depending on the market requirements, the plant currently manufactures over 140 lecithin varieties and phospholipids−fractions. We have further production sites for lecithins in Decatur, US, Tianjin, China and in Zanandam, Netherlands.

Location history

Cargill´s plant in Hamburg−Rothenburgsort evolved from the former Lucas Meyer GmbH & Co., a family−run enterprise founded in Hamburg in 1923 initially for the export of pharmaceutical specialities business.

In 1949 the enterprise began manufacturing lecithin and set up research laboratories at Ausschläger Elbdeich in Rothenburgsort.

Ever since then, the business has grown to be a successful global enterprise with sites and locations on nearly all continents, providing materials for many important segments of the food industry, the dietetics as well as the pharmaceutical industry. The individual additives and solutions we provided, supplies customers with fresh, tasty, healthy and safe food products.

In 1999 the family business was sold to SKW, a specialty chemical company. Years of restructuring followed, with Degussa AG − again a specialty chemicals enterprise − finally emerging from the merger between SKW and Degussa Hüls.

With a worldwide network of application and service centers, sales organizations, technical laboratories and production sites the Cargill Texturizing Solutions business is represented both on the domestic market as well as internationally.



Lecithine is a natural, fat−resembling substance which consist mainly of various phospholipids.
This is why lecithine can be used as natural emulsifier, food additive, wetting or dispersion agent in the food industry, the cosmetic industry as well as the pet food and pharmaceutical industry besides general industrial applications.

The whole range of refining grades is spanned − from liquid to de−oiled up to fractioned lecithine.

Corporate responsibility

A "Cargill Cares Council" was founded in 2007 in order to provide a positive impact on our community value.
Our activities in the neighbourhood cover donations and active engagement of our employees.