Location Hamburg-Harburg

This site is particularly efficient at production and has a high economic attractiveness. 

This location is able to offer refining and modification (hardening and chemical transesterification), and any mixture from the different types of oil.
This flexibility allows us to produce on customer request, among others, special products with particularly low trans fatty acids contents.

Location history

The Hamburg plant was founded in 1896 by the Brinkman and Mergell families under the name "Hamburger Ölwerke Brinkman und Mergell (HOBUM)" and sold to the Belgian Vandemoortele Group in 1990.
In 1998 Cargill acquired the European oil and fat refinery activities of the Vandemoortele Group, including the Hamburg location.
Since the takeover by Cargill in 1998 many changes in the production and in the enterprise structure have been carried out.


The vegetable oils and fats produced at the Hamburg location are used in the food and feed industry and for technical applications. The raw oils processed in Hamburg include, among others, palm and rapeseed oil. As semi−finished products olein, stearin, coconut, palm kernel and sunflower oil are delivered to the plant for processing. The total product range of the Hamburg plant comprises approximately 300 different basis products. This is why the Hamburg plant is in a position to supply the most varied lines of industry with a multi−faceted product range. These products are the basic materials for, among others, margarine, packed fats, emulsifiers and candles.

This Cargill location in Hamburg is centrally situated in the northern part of Europe. This geographic location makes it possible to establish and expand a particularly productive and efficient service for customers in Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.
Thanks to this strategically valuable geographic position the Hamburg plant is the main seat of the regional sales team, of the customer support centre and of the technical service team for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. It is our maxim to work out and implement customised solutions for our customers through intensive service and cooperation. Many well−known companies are already our customers, and we do all we can to foster these business relationships even further.