Today, our markets are complex and globalized, emerging markets are drawing the West into a multi-polar world of new suppliers and customers, from China to Africa.

At Cargill, we deal in a vast array of commodities from across the globe: grains and oilseeds, cocoa, meats, sugar, bio-fuels and emissions, ocean freight, power, gas and crude oil.

Our talent network is home to the most sophisticated and energetic thinkers on the market. Cargill is the ideal launch pad to explore the world of trading, merchandizing, risk management and analytics.

Our culture

Our culture encourages empowering employees to make decisions, collaborate across trading commodity desks, build hands-on experience, and pursue international careers.

Cargill’s trading business is highly diversified, which means access and exposure to an array of markets, commodities and regions.

We believe that our employees have a lot to learn from each other, which means Cargill’s trading environment is one of constant development. We seek and encourage diversity of thought, courage and conviction.

Career paths in Trading at Cargill

  • Traders operate by taking positions in physical commodities, paper, or financial markets. They use sophisticated tools to maximize profit margins and interact with brokers, customers and futures exchanges. Our traders have high risk tolerance and consistently demonstrate high integrity and strong execution skills.
  • Merchandisers buy and sell cash and physical products by forecasting the fluctuation of prices and variables like weather, transportation and market psychology. They develop and manage relationships with suppliers, buyers and other customers. They are strong negotiators, relationship builders, and are insightful about local and regional market dynamics.
  • Risk management professionals monitor the market, measuring the risk exposure of existing positions and help identify market risk for the company and its customers. They work closely with traders and can anticipate risk by applying detailed and focused analysis.
  • Analytics professionals consider a broad range of inputs that optimize trading decisions and help provide insights to the traders. They are domain experts with a unique ability to understand, assimilate, and communicate complex and ambiguous information.

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Meet our people

Learn from employees about careers in trading at Cargill.

Merchandising Manager: Iulian
Meet our people Julian

Work Experience: 4 years
With Cargill since: October 2010
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Education: International Business and Economics, both bachelor and master degree

“The size of the company gives you the chance to have the broader view of what is going on in the world and realize you can make a difference in the communities where you are based.”   Read more

European Feed Analyst: Cecile
Meet our people Cecile

Work Experience: 7 years
With Cargill since: March 2008
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Education: MSc in Agriculture and Animal Science at AgroParisTech

“There are plenty of ways to measure success. In the trading environment, the first reaction is to think about profit and loss, but I was surprised in my career to feel that team success is even more rewarding. I feel very proud when I see the people I helped develop continue to grow.”   Read more

Global Ag Product Senior Trader: Armando
Meet our people Armando

Work Experience: 10 years
With Cargill since: August 2008
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Education: B.S in Applied Mathematics and M.S. in Operations Research.

“Cargill has a great career path and also provides you with a lot of opportunities in many different areas and geographies for you to grow not only professionally, but also to grow on the personal side.”   Read more

GOSCE Softseeds trading desk head: Stanislas
Meet our people Stanislas

Work Experience: 5 years
With Cargill since: May 2010
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Education: Master in management specialization market finance at EDHEC business school

“At Cargill, age means nothing and they prefer to place their trust in potential. I appreciate this because in order to learn you have to develop and in order to develop you have to learn! This philosophy has enabled me to secure three promotions in five years.”   Read more