Meet Our People

There is no better way to find out what life is really like at Cargill than from our employees. Each has a different story, a different career path and a different day-to-day life at Cargill.

Country Lead Germany: Hermann
Germany Meet Hermann100x115

Work Experience: 23 years
With Cargill since: June 1991
Location: Salzgitter, Germany
Education: Degree in Economics

“The growth of the company and the company philosophy offers every employee the chance to work to their strengths and develop.”  Read more

Coordinator Behavior Based Safety: Jörg
Germany Meet Joerg100x115

Experience: 23 years
With Cargill since: January 1991
Location: Krefeld, Germany
Education: Power electronics technician, electrical fitter

“I have the opportunity to contribute to staff safety so that they can go home in the same state they arrived here at the plant.”  Read more

Plant Accounting Manager: Matthias
Germany Meet Matthias100x115

Experience: 10 years
With Cargill since: October 2004
Location: Krefeld, Germany
Education: Graduate in industrial engineering

“Cargill offers each employee many opportunities for professional development. Even during my traineeship, I had many opportunities to get involved in different areas.”  Read more

Site Manager: Sabine
Germany Meet Sabine100x115

Experience: 21 years
With Cargill since: January 1993
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Education: Dipl.-Ing Lebensmitteltechnologie + MSc Management

“What I find most rewarding about my current role is the diversity of subjects and duties.”  Read more

Commercial Manager: Xenia
Germany Meet Xenia100x115

Experience: 9 years
With Cargill since: September 2005
Location: Salzgitter, Germany
Education: Master of International Business

“Cargill offers numerous opportunities for young talents to develop: on-the-job training, seminars, learning about and trading in various commodities, and also deployments at other Cargill sites in Germany or other European countries.”  Read more

Local Controller: Tobias
Germany Meet Tobias100x115

Experience: 15 years
With Cargill since: January 2001
Location: Krefeld, Germany
Education: University of Bonn, Economics

“Having travelled to many Cargill locations over the years, I have been pleasantly surprised by the common mindset of our employees regarding our shared values and high expectations of ethical behaviors.”  Read more