Quality management

Cargill has, within the framework of the corporate guidelines, committed itself to bring products to the market that are safe for human beings, animals and the environment and complying with the regulations of the respective valid national legislations.

Above all, we concentrate on our customer requirements. Initially by supplying products that match their specifications and demands and secondly by cooperating to meet market demands successfully in the future.

To achieve these goals, experts from all different functions harness their expertise to ensure complex operations are mastered and developed, to comply with ever-changing demands.

A principal tool for this purpose is risk management. Here, qualitative risks are evaluated according to their probability and impact and measures of eliminating or controlling risks are adopted. Risk management and assessment is especially significant for incoming raw materials, auxiliary materials, production processes, storage, loading freight and transportation.

Another component is the detailed monitoring of all relevant process steps with the help of modern analyzing methods and tools by trained personnel. This comprises the whole process flow - ranging from incoming raw and auxiliary materials, intermediate products up to the final product. Only certified and classified products are released for transport.

Our employees are regularly trained and updated in all the fundamental standards of hygiene, product safety, hazard analysis and critical control points as well as quality control to ensure we comply with our guidelines in quality management now and in the future in a safe and reliable manner.

Cargill´s quality management encompasses all employees as well as our subcontractors in this procedure, maintaining that all those involved are engaged actively, attentively and critically.