Cargill Germany

Cargill has been active in Germany since 1955 and following the acquisition of Cerestar, a leading provider of starch and starch derivatives, and Degussa´s food ingredients business, has now over 1,700 employees in 12 locations in the country:
In Barby, Berlin (two locations), Frankfurt−Höchst, Hamburg (three locations), Klein Schierstedt, Krefeld, Malchin, Riesa and Salzgitter.

The German history

  • 1955  "Deutsche Tradax" (trade office) is founded in Hamburg
  • 1982  "Deutsche Tradax" changes its name to "Deutsche Cargill"
  • 1992  Laying of the foundation stone in Salzgitter
  • 1993  Start−up of the oilmill and malting unit in Salzgitter
  • 1998  Cargill acquires the "Riesaer Ölwerke" and the food lubrication refinery "Hobum von Vandemoortele"
  • 2002  Cargill acquires Cerestar - a leading provider of starch and starch derivatives. This acquisition includes the German starch plants in Krefeld and Barby
  • 2004  Cargill acquires The Nestlé Group’s primary cocoa processing facility in Hamburg
  • 2005  Cargill acquires the global Pectin business from Citrico, an international producer and supplier of Pectin products for the food, drink and pharma industry.
  • 2005  Cargill acquires Schierstedter Schokoladefabrik GmbH & Co - an industrial chocolate facility in Klein Schierstedt
  • 2006  Cargill acquires Degussa’s Food ingredients business, including its German locations
  • 2006  Production begins at Cargill’s biodiesel plant in the Höchst industrial park in Frankfurt-am-Main
  • 2009  Cargill starts production at its new glycerine refinery in Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2011  Cargill completes the acquisition of the commercial activities of Nedalco in Germany
  • 2011  Cargill completes the acquisition of the assets and business of Kakao Verarbeitung Berlin (KVB) with two locations in Berlin
  • 2014  Cargill has agreed to purchase Archer Daniels Midland Company’s global chocolate business, including a plant in Mannheim
  • 2014  Foundation of Golden Compound GmbH, Joint Venture of Sunflower Plastic Compound and Cargill for the manufacture, further development and commercialization of biopolymers based on sunflower seed

Cargill has activities in the following areas in Germany